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How it works

How Sharewel Works

Sign up with Sharewel where you can search and book a storage or parking space as a Renter or select “+List Your Space” and follow the steps to verify your account details. 
Once you’ve been verified, you can create a listing as a Host, free of charge as well as being a Renter. 

Host your storage/parking space(s)

Why host on Sharewel?

Becoming a Sharewel Host offers a relieving new way to earn some extra income. 
For whatever reason you may have, saving towards a holiday, paying off a loan or even starting on a retirement fund, Sharewel will get you ready and on your way.  

The basics of hosting on Sharewel

Anyone can become a Host with Sharewel if you have or tidy up and make the extra space. Guest rooms, offices, garages, basements/attics, closets, parking spaces etc are just to name some. The goal here is to encourage people looking for alternative storage options with a solution that accurately shows what they can expect. With an ever-growing demand for storage and parking, there’s someone out there who would gladly take your space the first chance they get. 


What you charge is up to you

Being a Sharewel Host means you get to determine the daily charges for the space you’re providing. If needed, Sharewel can provide assistance or suggestions on figuring out the most suitable and competitive daily rate. Booking days displayed in the calendar can be customised for when the space is available. 
If a Host customizes the list availability e.g. space is unavailable on weekends, they can only receive a maximum of five days per rental period between Mon-Fri. In this case if a Host wanted to accept a long term Renter, they would need to keep the calendar open and make a note in the description such as “no access to the space Sat-Sun” instead. 
Every Renter is charged the total amount of their daily rates after the booking is accepted so that the Host is paid no later than expected. Payments are always handled by Sharewel on behalf of the rightful Host. 

Get paid after booking completion

Payments are usually made within 2 days after the end date and received by direct bank deposit into your designed New Zealand bank account by NZD. You will be paid your total rent charges of every daily rate minus a small service fee from Sharewel. Please note that processing times may vary for when the funds reach your account but there are no processing fees. 

Submit your IDs

Sharewel is always working on making our community as secure as possible for everyone and we set host ID verification as an essential step before creating your listing.

Create your listing

Your listing should be treated as an honest but exciting presentation of the space you want to provide. Keep it true to your word and engage your targeted Renters. 

Start simple. Fill in the general highlights such as the facility type, size, location etc.

Upload photos of the space. It’s important to have tidied up the space as much as possible before taking any photos. The best way to backup everything you’ve described about the space is to post pictures that show exactly as you intend to present it. Additional photos of the accessibility areas and facilities for storing and removing goods/vehicles should also be included for the Host’s arrival. 



Highlight unique details. When writing your listing title and description, consider what makes your place special or unique, such as size or accessibility. Also note that any aspects in your description that might be important for renters to know beforehand. 

Please take into account anything unique or perhaps out of the ordinary
e.g. unusual interior design, location quirks etc that Renters should know in advance. 
When your space is ready to be listed on Sharewel, you can negotiate with a potential Renter to work out the best solution going ahead. 

Prepare your space. However many times you may have hosted until this point, please ensure you follow these essential tips.

Tidy up. Storage spaces and facilities must be decluttered and walls and floors need to be clean at all times. This includes the entry or passageway to the space that’s being used. 

Secure your valuables. It may be wise to consider storing any valuable items somewhere that you know is safe and secure. 

Load/unload support tools. Providing support tools such as a trolley can be a nice gesture to consider. Making the in and out process much easier for storing goods, this is suggested if you’re looking to continue providing storage in the long run. 

If this is mentioned in your description, it may encourage more Renters more often as a strong selling point.

Provide clear instructions on the day of load/unloading. Presenting the Renter with clear instructions in person goes a long way in building trust upon their arrival. 

Add any final touches. Renters love thoughtful details. A simple step guide with instructions and tips or perhaps some signage can help with easing the load off for the Renter. 

Rent storage or parking space(s)

The following three steps will simplify how you can start as a Renter:


Search for your desired storage or parking space with optional filters such as storage type, facility, size and accessibility to better narrow down your options.

to Book

Make sure you have read all details about your Host and any past reviews before booking a space. 

Store goods or vehicles

After getting in touch through Sharewel’s communication tool, you can arrange and confirm drop-off times, instructions (if any), questions and/or advice with your Host. 

The community of Sharewel is built to rely on trust which is why the following are suggested. 

You may feel awkward communicating and sending a booking request without seeing the Host’s picture. By this logic, the Host may also feel uncertain about providing their space without seeing your photo. 

  • Find the right place

Finding the right storage for you is simpler when you include your preferred size, facilities and accessibilities. Check-up on reviews, explanations/ descriptions and any rules to assure that space suits your needs. We recommend these basic steps to ensure you will have everything you need to store your goods/vehicle(s) without any worries.  

  • Request to Book

Bookings can be made between 1 to 85 days per space in advance.
However if you would like to book a space further than 85 days ahead of time, it is best to talk with the Host about requesting that they close the listing. This ensures that it will not feature amongst other Sharewel listings and potentially undertake a new booking request. That being said, selecting “Close Listing” will not delete that listing from Sharewel but rather it will be hidden for the time being. 

If you select “Request to Book” then the following page will summarise your booking details including daily price, days booked, rent total and Sharewel fees along with an optional message field if there’s anything you wish to add. 
You will also need to provide payment details and a Host will have up to 3 days to accept your request. If accepted, you will be charged in full and an automatic booking confirmation is sent out to you. If for any reason your request is declined or the Host doesn’t reply within the 3 day wait period, no charges will be made to your account. 

  • Payment

 Online credit card payments are the only option on Sharewel, no cash. 
Rental costs are only accepted in NZD. 
Sharewel additionally charges a rental fee (NZD and including GST) to ensure there is a safe and secure community between all users.
Please note that GST will only apply to rental charges if a Host is registered for GST and if so, rent includes GST)

  • Booking fulfilment

proceeding funds to the Host will be withheld by Sharewel until one of the following occurs.

• the rent is manually marked as completed by renter.
• the rent is manually marked as completed by a Sharewel.
• the rent is automatically marked as completed two days after the finish date.

The withheld funds are not applicable to Sharewel fees. 

  • Rating the space along with Host 

Posting feedback is considerate of the Renter to help Hosts build their trust within the community as effectively as possible or raising awareness of areas for improvement in their listed space or services in a constructive, supportive manner that serves to motivate, positively reinforce and support growth.
Your comment will also help another renter to make a decision.


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