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About Sharewel

With a fresh start in 2021, Sharewel is a New Zealand owned storage-space marketplace, designed under the concept of a Sharing Economy, enriching the lives of individuals, cities and countries, contributing towards Sustainable Cities and Communities under the United Nation's SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


Sharewel's inspiration comes from recognising New Zealand's growing population and demand for housing while the average size of new houses has shrunk 20% over the past 10 years.

In an age of diminished living space due to population growth, what we need to achieve a more affluent lifestyle is to allow individuals, businesses, communities and even entire countries to use their space more efficiently.

This is where we come in with our Sharing Economy Concept:

  • To turn unused space in places such as homes and offices into assets supplied to communities for storage.
  • To provide an opportunity for anyone seeking storage space with greater accessibility, convenience and minimal financial burden.
  • To be involved in the creation of sustainable communities where people can live more enriched lives.  

To achieve all three of these pillars and help change the way people live their lives, we have launched Sharewel to build new relationships within the community and an alternative marketplace for storage.

If you agree with this idea, please take a look around your home or office and see any underutilised spaces.

For example, a closet, a garage, an unused bedroom, a front yard, a parking space. A company meeting room or stack room, parking lot.

If you find unused spaces, it's easy to wonder who might want to rent such a space and we recommend that you list it as a first step towards a new way of funding and support to your community.

Everything has merit in today's society, where people with different ideas and values can live together. 

An "unused space" for you may be a perfect spot and size for someone looking for storage to make a difference in their daily life, expanding the living space of their home.

We hope you will make use of this site and share it with your community.

Sharewel is powered by Arateco Systems Limited.

Arateco is a combination of the Japanese word “Arate,” which means new and the first three letters of economy.

We are striving to create new ideas and new economic systems to provide people with the most optimal and comfortable lifestyle.

Sharewel is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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